At Elevate, expert trail guides assisted guests along the brand storytelling journey, taking time to explore, examine and discuss each path along the way.
As interruptive messaging becomes less effective, brands are rushing to be content producers, frequently without proper planning and goals.
This first leg of the Elevate journey examined what, how and why brands pursue and invest in content creation and distribution. Important questions were identified, and discussions focused on how to find the right answers; What audience is your content intended for? What type of content will most likely resonate? What platforms are best suited for your brand's audience? Trail guides helped ask and answer before heading into the storytelling wilderness. 
  Trail Guides

Shannon Pruitt

Kate Santore

Chip Russo

Eric Korsh





Content creation and distribution, whether brand-funded or otherwise, is a business with associated norms, rules and standards that marketers must understand and plan for.
This trail took marketers through the business issues and practices that can make or break a content initiative at the outset. What are the financing models? How do they work with publishers? Who will own this content? What are the SAG/AFTRA rules and issues that must be considered and at what cost? What about digital native talent and influencers? The business trail was an important route that demanded adroit maneuvering.
  Trail Guides

Phil Daniels

Catherine McEvoy

Scott Iason

Gabe Gordon

Ginsburg Daniels, LLP  

Forefront Partners

Creative Artists Agency

Reach Agency

At the heart of the journey is the story itself. How will it be told? This trail took us through the art of storytelling.
Trail leaders identified how brands, agencies and partners work to create the narrative that will be sold to the world. This trail also aligned with the business of storytelling; identifying the right production partner, operating within the identified budget, avoiding production pitfalls and finding efficiencies while allowing the art of the story to unfold.
  Trail Guides

Nick Childs

Brendan Gaul

Kevin Brown

Lewis Henderson

Michal Shapira

Mediabrands Society  

UM Worldwide

Sleep Number

The Marketing Arm

Turner Ignite

The fourth trail culminated with the release of the content and lead to the measurement, evaluation and ROI that marketers, as content creators, must prove to the C-Suite.
The guides lead discussions that focus on distribution opportunities; from social to traditional publishers, to SVOD, TVOD and OTT pathways. We looked at the plethora of channels and distribution opportunities that present themselves in the current media environment. What are the metrics that matter? How to find them and ultimately, how do you apply results to improve the story next time around? 
  Trail Guides

Mary Healy

Austin Schumacher

Andrew Strickman

Tim Sovay




The advisors quickly realized, that storytelling in VR/AR required dedicated time to examine case studies, best practices, strategy, production process, distribution and more. Dario Raciti, Director of Zero Code/OMD was recruited to be the Trail Guide for the VR/AR exploration. Dario and his team have created several VR experiences for OMD clients including Nissan and Pepsi, who presented their case studies and answered questions about their VR experiences. Additionally, a group of VR/AR creative, production and distribution experts helped guide this trail exploration.
Immediately following the VR Trail Exploration, guests were invited to a VR Lounge for demos of brand-funded VR experiences and 1:1 discussions with the experts pioneering this immersive storytelling medium.
  Trail Guides

Heather Fullerton

Jodi Schiller

Michael Rucker

Andrew Turse

Vince Cacace

The Mill

New Reality Arts