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An examination of what separates brands and creators and what each needs to understand about the other to avoid production pitfalls. Includes interviews with brands and producers and outlines best practices designed to keep projects from falling into the abyss. 

Pages: 20

Author: Jess Moss

Cost: $75

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The world of sports, like everything else, remains in a state of flux. Little is definitive, and new lessons are constantly being taught and learned. Nonetheless, for those engaged in brand storytelling in sports, conversations with content creators and others working in and around the business of sports indicate there are lessons to draw from the last few months likely projecting forward in the months and years to come, even after the pandemic subsides. 

Pages: 13

Author: Brian Kamenetzky

Cost: $75

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As more streaming services come online and audiences continue their shift away from traditional linear television, brands face big decisions on how and where to tell their brand stories. They find themselves navigating a fragmented marketplace increasingly dominated by content creators and distributors who have very different business models--and very different approaches to brand storytelling and advertising--from each other and the brands themselves. In this research report, we offer a deeper, more brand-focused, view of the so-called “streaming wars” and provide insight into how brands can navigate this constantly changing ecosystem.

Pages: 8

Author: Bedatri Datta Choudhury

Cost: $75


2020 has been a year of reckoning for all brands and companies. How do they stay open? How do they support and protect their employees? How do they support and protect consumers? Amidst these critical questions – and perhaps because of them – brand purpose has become critical as companies wrestle with their role in a global society being rocked by a public health crisis, economic recession, a racial reckoning in the United States and a year of escalating climate crises that affected billions of people around the world. 

In this research report, Brand Storytelling focuses on the lessons learned by companies this year in connecting brand purpose with clear actions to positively affect the critical issues facing our world.

Pages: 13

Author: Fara Warner and Chris Graves

Cost: $75