100+ page original research report covering streaming platforms, impact and purpose-led content strategies, sports and storytelling, and how creators/producers and brands can work more effectively together.


Research is underway and ongoing through September 30, 2020. The Elevate Reports publication will be available exclusively for members first. 

Editorial Director:

Fara Warner

Award Winning Journalist

& Digital Media Expert


“Bridging the Divide” will explore the ever-changing, often-confusing, opportunity-rich chasm that divides brand marketers and creators/producers, especially creators who normally operate within Hollywood. Through conversations with brand marketing leaders and producers, this report pulls back the curtain on the major points of friction within brand storytelling, from budgets to timelines to who owns what. From here, we’ll identify realistic expectations and best practices, to create a more transparent production process for everyone involved.

Written by:

Jess Moss

Senior Manager, Editorial Strategy

Marriott International


With society facing many challenges--the Covid-19 pandemic, climate change, economic justice, social inequality, to name a few--more brands are stepping into purpose-driven storytelling to share how they are supporting and in some cases creating solutions to these challenges. In this primer, we focus on a key learning from our research: brands can’t simply put out a “purpose message,” they must also engage in actions that lead to change. We will hear from brands such as Lyft, Realtor.com, Diageo, Shopify and others on how they connect messages with action, how they distribute their purpose-driven storytelling and how they measure the impact of this increasingly important sector of storytelling.

Written by:

Lori Cullen


iGeneration Youth


In March, when sports shut down in America, nobody knew when exactly they'd come back, or in what form. Certainly interest in sports didn't disappear, evidenced by the audience for the ESPN documentary "The Last Dance, or a pop in the audience for esports. Now, as leagues across the country take steps towards restarting, huge questions remain, not just for the near term, but well into the future. What will be the impact of playing pro sports without fans in the seats? What platforms will rise as consumption habits change? How will brands and athletes continue telling stories in ways that resonate with the audience? What goes "back to normal," and what becomes the "new normal?" Experts weigh in on what the sports world could look like in 2021 and beyond, and how brands can build a playbook to navigate it.

Written by:

Brian Kamenetzky

Host of ESPNLA 710

Writer at The Athletic


The streaming wars have been brewing for several years now, with the launch of Disney+ in late 2019 and the upcoming launches of HBO Max and NBC’s Peacock. Streaming has brought entertainment companies ever closer to their audiences, delivering their work directly into people’s living rooms, often ad-free. The old models of media companies, dependent on licensing revenues, television schedules, and strict theater release windows, are beginning to dissolve, while new commercial opportunities are emerging. At the same time, the pandemic has meant production is halted, talent and audiences are confined to their homes, and 36 million Americans are unemployed, shifting the balance of power towards internet behemoths like Netflix, Amazon and Hulu. Where does that leave brands interested in creating and producing content? What does the future hold for AVOD? How open are SVOD platforms to brand sponsorship, integration, and co-production? 

Written by:

Bedatri Datta Choudhury


Bloomsbury Publishing India

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