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The times we are living in have people wondering what others in the industry are doing to adapt and carry on. Brand Storytelling wants to make it possible for our community to connect with one another, communicate, and work through the issues that we face together.


To that end, we've introduced Brand Storytelling's Bulletin Board, a community posting place where you can share company status reports, resource offerings and needs, open positions, or anything in-between. What do you want the community to know about your current operation mode? Are others in the same space conducting business, taking Zoom meetings, talking with clients, or working on recovery period projects?   


We eagerly await your submissions! 

Just send us a bulletin and we will post it here.



If you have been committed to a live action piece for the near future, chances are you’re stuck in a holding pattern. In fact, almost everything that requires a set with a cast and crew is on hold right now, and it’s unclear when anyone will be able to conduct business as usual. But that doesn’t mean your promotional plan has to stop or even be put on pause. It means you have a chance to be creative.

Some of our favorite solutions and approaches to creating content are still achievable in our current climate, including a wide range of animation. Techniques like stop-motion, 2D animation, 3D animation, CGI, or motion graphics blended with quality stock footage give you a tremendous amount of flexibility without needing to schedule a multi-person shoot. Here’s how to choose which method is best for getting your message out while making your content eye-catching and entertaining.

How to showcase your product’s personality with stop-motion animation

Rather than using talent to showcase an object, story, or concept, stop-motion animation imbues an object with character and life. This can make your product the star of the show in a fun and whimsical way, which is why stop-motion works so well for toy commercials. Think of your product’s voice, and then craft a story that showcases it.

Stock, not stale: How to utilize motion graphics, static graphics, high quality stock footage, and archival assets

Stock doesn’t have to feel so… stock. Blending high quality stock assets or archival footage with motion graphics can transform any piece of video or photography to feel like it was custom-made for your brand. Since this relies on purchasing licenses from stock libraries or utilizing footage you already own, this approach can be friendlier to your budget than the cost of a shoot.

Give stock assets a creative treatment to have them fit the feel of your show. Utilize previously captured images of your product and present them in new and creative ways. Take clips from your show and give them new life with motion graphics.

How to choose between 2D and 3D animation

Choosing between 2D and 3D animation can sometimes be like having to choose between a sweet or savory breakfast. It can just be a matter of what feels right in the moment, but there isn’t a wrong choice. And who ever said you can’t have a side of pancakes with your omelet?

2D animation can be cartoony or authoritative and serious. 3D animation can let you portray fantastic worlds or portray the real world, when a shoot just isn’t practical. If you want to create a unique look, consider blending 2D and 3D animation.

Learn more pivoting options at: blog.thisiselevation.com

Rebecca Weitman

Biz Dev and Partnerships | TMA/Omnicom, Variety


Hi everyone,


I might have met some of you through Elevate back when I was at Variety. I most recently led net-new biz for The Marketing Arm, where I sold partnerships, talent, influencer, content, product placement, social, and experiential marketing services to brands. Due to COVID's impact on the advertising industry, I'm now looking for new opportunities. Especially during this time, I see that brands are relying on other like-minded brands to create greater value for consumers. I'd love to help facilitate more of these relationships. I'm interested in creative and consultative partnership, marketing and/or biz dev roles at a brand or platform and am open to consulting and full-time opportunities. I'm based in Los Angeles, but am open to opportunities in SF + remote work.


Below is more context on my background...


At TMA, when I would bring in a potential client opportunity, I would project manage and work closely with creative, strategy and account teams to develop a brief, concepts, and proposal and would ultimately lead the pitch to the client. While my focus was on net new business, I often supported and brought new biz opportunities to the internal account teams. For ex. I most recently supported the Samsung account team on brand partnerships for a COVID-19 campaign. In the last few weeks, I secured Freshly, Mattel, and Bluprint (NBCUniversal) as partners. While at TMA, I established new agency relationships with brands such as DoorDash, Dropbox, Freshly, Cameo, TikTok, Ritual, LinkedIn, Warner Bros., Vudu, Mattel, Brooklinen and more.


Prior to TMA, I ran consumer partnerships for Variety via celebrity events, entertainment/tech b2b summits, digital, social, print, and branded content. I built integrated partnerships from scratch with brands like Facebook Watch, Airbnb, Dropbox, Adobe, Verizon, Heineken, iTunes, Halo Top, Shopbop, IMDb, and Spotify. While I was in a sponsorships role, I also acted as the creative and account teams for these campaigns / clients.


Every campaign required that I work closely with the client, Variety editorial, PR, and legal. My consumer accounts at Variety were non-endemic (Variety is a trade) so I had to be creative and consultative in my approach to brands. Prior to Variety, I ran marketing and business development for an Arabic and English TV app startup, as well as content and digital for the fashion trade show MAGIC (UBM Advanstar).


If you work for or know of a company who needs help with marketing, partnerships, or biz dev, it would be great to connect. Separately, if you're in a similar boat, I would be happy to brainstorm and make introductions to my network. More than ever, brands need help unlocking the greatest consumer value while being mindful of spend and thoughtful messaging. I'd love to be of help.


Thanks so much, Rebecca Weitman rsweitman6@gmail.com (214) 929-3716



With 74% of U.S. consumers subscribing to a streaming service, the TV landscape has become intensely competitive with over 200 streaming platforms available to consumers.  In the first ever Inside Entertainment issue, BEN showcases never-before-seen first-party, AI generated data in order to understand who will be the winners and losers in the streaming wars.


Check out it out here!

Marc Battaglia


I first want to thank everyone for such heartfelt and genuine messages during these strange and unpredictable times we find ourselves in. As many of you know the travel industry has been decimated and a lot of amazing talent at Marriott International have been affected by furlough. I find myself in the same boat with many others and although there is a faint comfort in numbers, it is truly uncharted waters. So, in an effort to do something about it… I am reaching out to our Brand Storytelling community to promote and brag about the incredible skills and talent of our Marriott peeps and to plant the seed for these amazing problem solvers, thinkers and creators for future opportunities. Our marketing organization, in my bias opinion, is one of the best in the world; comprised of social, digital, real-time marketing, editorial, strategy, activation experts and storytellers…..these folks both inspired and transformed a 90+ year-old company into a modern global influencer that is constantly forging new territory in our industry. I had the pleasure to both witness and be part of the magic for several years and because of that honor, it’s only fitting to share their achievements in an effort that your organizations and projects can also benefit from their passion. To my network and community… as opportunities arise, as old projects breathe new life and the world begins to move …I can promise you…. these are the people you’ll want in your boat. Please feel free to message me at marc.battaglia2@gmail.com if you're seeking project-based, part or full time experts in any of the areas listed below; I am happy and excited to make introductions and recommendations. 

Strategy / Brand Activations & Experiences / Social & Digital Expertise / Editorial / Branded Entertainment & Storytelling / Creative & Art Direction /  Content Producers

Peter Booth - Editor


Hello. Hope everybody is coping in these strange times and staying safe and healthy.

As I have just finished editing the new Sky One show, Dynamo Beyond Belief, I thought it would be a good time to introduce myself to the bulletin board.

I am an editor with my own home Avid/Premier kit. I have 24 years experience in the creative industry. I have edited commercials, short films (3 multi award winning projects), corporate communication films, TV promos, sales tapes. sizzle reels, trailers and TV shows. The most recent assignment, as mentioned above, was lead editor on the new three part Sky One TV show, Dynamo Beyond Belief which airs on the 9th of this month. Over the years I have worked with shot footage (both digital and film), archive footage and animation and for me the key is always the story.

I am a passionate story teller and no matter the subject or industry my work is aimed at, I will always tackle the project with enthusiasm and dedication. I ensure that the narrative is told with emotion and clarity as I believe that every project has a story that can move or motivate people.

I worked for a large international branding agency for a number of years, BDACreative, and 5 years ago I went freelance. I have worked, predominantly, from my home office for the last 5 years and my clients have included Sky One, Discovery, Phil McIntyre Productions, Disney, Plastic Pictures, SB3 Digital, IAAF, TheMidnightClub, ITV Productions, Adidas and many more. Please see a selection of my work on the website link below.

I look forward to hearing from anybody that has a story to tell or a message to communicate.

Many thanks for reading and take care.


Storytellers Brand Studio


While traditional marketing is paused in many ways (fair!), all kinds of communities are hungry for connection and meaning right now. Megan Finnerty is offering 30 minute conversations about communicating with empathy as a leader, and distinguishing your brand by leveraging your values through story. Also - she knows at least three jokes, all suitable for Zoom calls.

Fell + Co.


Our offshoring of post-production is proving to be a very helpful and successful model for our clients around the world.  Operating out of Cape Town, South Africa our services range from offline / story editing; online editing; grade / colouring; 2D animation and motion graphics.


Given the significant devaluation of the South African currency over the past weeks, we are able to offer world class services and creatives at an unprecedented competitive rate.


We are servicing work ranging from short social content through to feature documentaries for brands, clients and producers in the USA, UK, Europe, Asia and here on the African continent.


If you have a project in need of discounted post-production costs, please visit our website (www.fellandcompany.com) to get a sense of our quality of work and then reach out to our lead Producer on greg@fellandcompany.com



As a commitment to keep the entertainment industry connected, Variety has launched the Variety Streaming Room, a virtual gathering place for conversations that inform, engage and help move business forward.

How are entertainment industry experts adapting to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic? Join Variety's inaugural Virtual Streaming Room Conversation on April 7 at 9:30am PDT/ 12:30pm EDT as senior executives from Spotify, WarnerMedia, NBCUniversal & PwC come together for a live discussion.

Featured Speakers:

Greg Boyer, Technology, Media and Telecommunications Partner at PwC Risk and Regulatory Julie Clark, Global Head of Advertising Revenue Innovation at Spotify Josh Feldman, EVP, Head of Marketing & Advertising Creative at NBCUniversal Media, LLC Sean Kisker, EVP and Chief Strategy Officer EVP at WarnerMedia Direct-to-Consumer

Moderator: Andrew Wallenstein, President & Chief Media Analyst, Variety Intelligence Platform (VIP)



We’re proud to have launched Friars Side Chats last week to a country of viewers who are in need of a smile and a laugh.  


Friars Side Chats brings the legends of comedy to Social Media and OTT.  Englewood Health has sponsored the show in a campaign called “Laughter is the Best Medicine.”  We’re proud to help the community and deliver smiles at this critical time and the feedback we’re getting is terrific.


Check us out at: https://www.facebook.com/FriarsSideChats/


Let’s keep the great purposeful video content coming and everyone, please stay safe!



Production Is Still On


While we remain separate, together, we hope to empower great storytelling with custom video of anything, anytime, anywhere.  Embed Studios is the creative arm of Stringr, with over 120k on-request video shooters waiting for an assignment.  This is your production studio in a box, the extension of your in-house team that cuts down on any travel, not just now, but always. From any couch, living room, wfh situation, or wherever you are….we want to help bring your creative Storytelling to life. 


UGC to Pros (drones, 4k cameras..), Day Of or Scheduled, Taped or Live, Raw Assets or Fully Produced, Ideation, Pre Production….. 

Our video shooters are practicing social distancing, but are actively capturing the video you need.  Please reach out if you want to discuss and explore further. 

Stay Safe.  We are in this Together. 



917 509 3276

Examples Of Some of the Productions-


A Little Incredible – this is a video series in development highlighting amazing achievements by today’s youth.

Stable – an insurance company in the UK used us to tell the story of their client


Tik Tok - Hina Tech an agency in China used our platform to create videos for Tik Tok

Mastercard - Future Tech Media an agency in Dubai used our platform to create a Mastercard Ad

Amazon - selected our platform as one of three preferred video vendors to help their merchants create product videos

Zillow -  worked with us to shoot an internal hack-a-thon in both Seattle and SF


MGM - works with us to ideate, shoot and produce videos that align with their FB brand Lightworkers

Google News Initiative - we select and produce news stories every day around the democratic nominees


David Beebe


While most brands have paused traditional marketing (and rightly so), it doesn’t mean shut off all communications. Now, more than ever, your audience is sitting at home, consuming more content than ever before. It doesn’t matter if your a B2C or B2B brand, there’s a place at the table for you if you own your narrative and deliver story-driven creative and content. David Beebe is offering free Zoom calls for brand marketers that want to talk all things brand storytelling, including strategy to career advice. 


Email david@davidbeebe.com to schedule your live video call. 

Pauline Gray


Hello Creatives,


I hope this message finds you coping well.

Pauline Gray, treatment writer here.

I write treatments for commercials, brand content, original content.

I work on a global scale, adapting to my client’s timezone.

My treatments have an 87% booking rate

I would love to support your team as we all find new and inventive ways to craft amazing narratives.

Here is the link to my website:



Here is my contact information

Pauline Gray
(626) 831-2290 cell
pauline.gray12 Skype

Reach Agency


Reach Agency recently announced Dustin Glass is joining the shop in a newly created role as head of gaming in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak. The addition of the ex-Fullscreen executive is designed to bolster the influencer agency’s e-sports and gaming offerings.


Read More: https://bit.ly/2yevmOf

Sherpa Marketing


Invitation  to join The Sherpa Path Session, Saturday’s at noon EDT.  

This is not another Zoom meeting, as we all have had enough of those this week.  It is a chance for you to take a deep breath and gain a new perspective as we move forward. 

Karma Sherpa and I are hosting this. 

Looking forward to seeing you on The Sherpa Path https://zoom.us/j/5159383609



It’s safe to say that these are unprecedented times. Our first priority is to take care of one another and do everything we can to stop the spread of this virus (I hope you’re reading this in isolation). 


The effects of COVID-19 are also reverberating across our industry and its full impact won’t be felt for many months. With so much of daily life in flux, our goal as marketers should be to build connection points where there is meaning, purpose or utility and, while doing so, to take an objective look at the appropriateness of our dialogue.  


Some brands will want to stand down during this period and re-emerge when the dust settles. That is completely, 100% fine. But for brands who do want to venture out and communicate with an audience in the immediate future, there are both challenges and opportunities.


For example, brands can take this moment to connect with their customers to assure them that they are in the proverbial fox-hole with them. They understand their worries and can assure them that they'll have access to the products and services they need to feel connected with their normal way of life. 


For marketers that decide to push forward and take this opportunity to effectively and appropriately connect with their community, the medium matters.  With most responsible people safely practicing social distancing from the comfort of their homes, the consumption of video based entertainment is skyrocketing.  From linear television viewing to binge watching ‘Tiger King’ in one sitting (guilty!), to hours spent streaming on your video platform of choice (HBO streaming is up 40% during the current shutdown), there is immense opportunity to reach audiences through sight, sound and motion.  


But the same rules of social distancing that have placed us all at home in semi-isolation have also created cracks in the creative supply chain.  As productions are being paused across the globe, there is a distinct lack of access to the tools brands need to create the tenor and cadence of advertising needed to match demand. 


Recognizing this challenge, Portal A is taking steps to ensure brands can leverage  both top creative talent and a remote production framework that fosters quality connections with creative control.  By pairing our creatives, directors and editors with the top creators in the world, Portal A is maintaining a pipeline of advertising output that can keep pace with the rapid changes of our current time.


This quick twitch approach to creative development still goes through the rigor of our traditional process; however, we are increasingly activating production methods and resources that keep our team out of harm's way, while delivering a pipeline of professional breakthrough content.


Our experience working through these issues with clients and partners over the last several weeks has been heartening. We’ve been able to work with our talent partners like Stephen Curry and Carmelo Anthony to share positivity and useful information with their fans and have been forced to get creative on client projects in ways that will likely affect how we do business even when things return to normal.  


Fueled by our in-house creatives, producers and our incredible network of talent partners,  Portal A is committed to helping our partners through this trying time in the best way we know how... by providing the access and resources that will help brands meet the needs of their customers.


As an industry, we can rise to the occasion together - to ensure our fellow citizens that they will continue to have access to the experiences,  products and services that keep them connected to their shared identity. Let content show the way...



At Zefr our core services remain unchanged (Contextual targeted, brand safe Video with tremendous reach & scale) and in fact we offer a safe harbor for many of the TV investment teams who’s linear sports investments were impacted by the various cancelations.  Zefr offers a brand safe and contextually aligned solve for replacing our partner’s GRPs.


Additionally, Zefr is uniquely position to help brands and their agencies better understand the content people are consuming today which is rapidly changing.  The Zefr Research and Marketing teams have quickly created a website to analyze these consumption patterns.  The website includes:


- A live trend analysis of content that's rapidly accelerating

- Trending Videos 

- Real Time Viewership Trends put into Context (what's stable, declining, etc.)

- The opportunity with Connected TV


Link: https://www.zefrdataandinsights.com/

Password for BrandStorytelling community:  ContextDMP


Our hope is that this can help to inform our partner’s investment strategies - whether it's from original digital plans or from a disruption in TV investment. We've been helping our partners with strategies for evergreen sports content, extending the reach of TV through our Reserve inventory, CTV heavy-ups and more.

Jukin Media


We believe in helping the creative community make great content. At Jukin Media, we’re proud to empower everyday storytellers by amplifying their authentic videos to the world.


In light of the current and unprecedented challenges facing the creative and production industries, Jukin is reducing the price of our video clips by 20%. We hope to play our part in keeping things as normal as possible, for everyone, during this time of uncertainty. 

Jukin has been curating these videos and stories into a growing library of licensable video clips so we can help you tell authentic stories quickly, cost-effectively, and with very little need for physical production resources. 

These videos have the ability to inspireamazeshock, and delight, like no other content in the world.

USA Today


Facts fight fear. Context creates connections.


In that spirit, the USA TODAY Network mobilizes its nearly 5,000 journalists to bring you a half-hour LIVE conversation to help answer the most pressing questions about the coronavirus asked by countless people and communities around the country in a time when they need truth and clarity.  



Tune in Tuesdays at 9:30 a.m. PST/12:30 p.m. EST on Facebook.