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Get to Know Ficto: Q&A with CEO Mike Esola

December 2018 saw the birth of Ficto, a free streaming service that offers interactive shows produced for mobile. Optimizing vertical and horizontal viewing while providing transparent metrics and meaningful revenue share, Ficto is working quickly to become the content platform of tomorrow as well as a home for brands and independent artists alike. Just yesterday, Ficto announced its expanded slate of shows that will premiere in conjunction with its consumer launch in the first quarter of 2020, championing a robust line-up of shows, with genres ranging from reality and news to comedy and scripted programming. Brand Storytelling sat down with Mike Esola, Co-Founder and CEO of Ficto, to learn

Into America’s Wild Sneak Peek Screening at Brand Storytelling 2020

Ahead of its global release, a special sneak peek screening of the film will take place on January 25th at Brand Storytelling 2020, A Sanctioned Event of the Sundance Film Festival. In attendance will be the film’s stars, Native American astronaut John Herrington and Alaskan bush pilot Ariel Tweto. -- From the Academy Award®-nominated producers of the acclaimed hit film "National Parks Adventure" comes "Into America’s Wild", an unforgettable cross-country adventure into the hidden wonders of the natural world. Into America’s Wild visits some of the most beautiful but untamed landscapes of America, from the lush coastline of Oregon and the wilds of Alaska to the ancient canyons of the Southwe

Partnerships That Bring the Heat: Q&A with BEN’s Greg Alleger

Last Month, EA released “Need for Speed: Heat,” the latest title in the decades-old video game franchise. Ahead of the release, EA sought to promote the use and download of Need for Speed Heat Studio, an app supplemental to the NFS Heat console game that allows users to create playable custom cars. With the help of BEN, EA partnered with Youtube star David Dobrik for a sponsored video and social media campaign to promote the game and precursory app. BEN facilitated the connection between EA and Dobrik, who has a global audience of 14.6 million subscribers. Brand Storytelling spoke with Greg Alleger (Director of Client Services, BEN) to learn more about the ideation, product, and outcome of t

Changing Names, Changing the Game : Remedy Television + Branded

Spectrum Productions has, in the last month, evolved its brand identity. In November, CEO & Executive Producer Guy Nickerson announced Spectrum Productions would embark on the next chapter of its story as Remedy Television + Branded. Remedy’s specialized team of television producers, content developers, advertisers, storytellers, digital minds and branding experts produce and drive effective and engaging content for audiences, networks, brands and agency partners across every platform. The new name reflects the studio’s commitment to problem solving and creating compelling content for each and every client. Clients like Sheraton Hotels and Marriott Content Studio, who recently partnered with

Ten Predictions (and Hopes) for Branded Content in 2020

I’ve been writing top-ten prediction lists for film and media since 2006 – yes, back when my predictions included the final end of VHS (!) and what Google buying Youtube (Oct. 2006) would mean for indies. Last year’s predictions included Netflix buying a theater (pretty much), more brand studios (yes, again), and that Amazon would buy MoviePass and merge it with Prime (nope). Ok, sometimes I strike out, but my list is as much a wish-list as a prediction, so without further ado, here’s my inaugural top ten predictions (and hopes) for branded content in 2020: 1. More brand docs will qualify for the Oscars in 2020, and one will make the short list – This year, at least two brand-funded films qu

The Rising Star of Branded Content: Podcasts

Over the past few years, podcasting has grown from niche to mainstream medium that has a massive potential for increased growth with its deeply engaged audiences. According to Edison Research in 2018, 44% of Americans above the age of 12 have listened to a podcast. Podcasts offer a unique opportunity for brands looking to connect with consumers. They also present a way to engage with increasing smart speaker audiences that would prefer to listen to a podcast then turn on the television. Throughout 2019, more and more brands are embracing the medium in various ways, either as advertisers, sponsors or creators. In order to delve deeper into trends in podcasting and the opportunity for brands,

Passion Point Collective + HP Find Continued Success with “History of Memory”

This January, Brand Storytelling had the privilege of screening HP’s “History of Memory”, four stories sharing the common theme of the power of the printed photograph. Filmmakers Sarah Klein and Tom Mason showcased the project with Angela Matusik, Head of Corporate, Brand Content & Creative at HP. It was there that Angela spoke on behalf of the brand and broke down the choices to pursue this creative and story-driven project for the audience. In that audience was Marcus Peterzell who, like the rest of the folks in the room, was moved by the work. Peterzell and Matusik connected then and there to discuss the potential future of the project. Peterzell would go on to found and serve as CEO of P

Content Collaboration for Causes

The Case for Co-Branding... Taco Bell and Doritos… Uber and Spotify… Redbull and GoPro… Nike and Apple… Collaboration continues to be a powerful part of the marketing toolkit, and has become a staple for companies (and individuals) to raise product and brand awareness. In social media, co-branded video has had a huge impact, according to Travis Chambers, founder of growth & video agency Chamber Media (and Forbes 30 under 30). “In the YouTube world, collaboration is the best tactic someone can use to build their brand. By working with others in similar niches, both parties can gain some of the other’s followers.” However, when it comes to social causes, co-branding/co-marketing often goes no