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Q&A with 'Elevate' Host Shannon Pruitt

Elevate is set to return to the iconic Stein Eriksen Lodge in Deer Valley, Utah on July 28th. This year’s gathering will be hosted by 18-year global brand and marketing executive Shannon Pruitt. Brand Storytelling interviewed Pruitt to better illuminate her position and involvement with the gathering as well as get her take on the many benefits of attending ELEVATE: You are a member of the Brand Storytelling Advisory Board that first envisioned Elevate in 2017. How did that happen and what was the original vision for this event? The vision and discussion around the need for an event like Elevate if we are going to truly further advance and accelerate the education, influence and impact of th

Athleta and Well+Good Launch “Wellness Collective”: Q&A with SVP of Creative and Strategy Adam O

It would be an understatement to say the wellness market is big in 2019 (at $4.2 trillion worldwide, it’s safe to say it’s massive). But with so many new and existing companies cashing in, innovation in the field can present itself to be daunting. That is, unless, you’re Well + Good. The premier lifestyle and news entity has been making wellness waves since 2010, their latest move being an innovative partnership with sportswear retailer Athleta to launch Wellness Collective, a new and interpersonal take on the wellness experiences. Wellness Collective brings together female thought leaders and innovators in the holistic wellness field to provide collective participants with valuable wellness

How to Cash in on Blockchain with VIDEO ICO, the First Full-Service Video Company

From the inventor of VINDICO technology, the video industry’s first video ad-serving system, comes the launch of a new company: VIDEO ICO, where video meets blockchain. CEO and Founder Matt Wasserlauf is bringing to market a blockchain platform that will distribute five new programs across the company’s proprietary blockchain technology. The company will provide marketers with advertising distribution with the added security of its new and exciting proprietary blockchain platform. To learn more, Brand Storytelling interviewed Wasserlauf on the foundations, launch, and plans for VIDEO ICO: For the uninitiated, what is VIDEO ICO? VIDEO ICO is where Video meets Blockchain. VIDEO ICO will delive

Topgolf Original Series: Q&A with Creative Director Chad Nelson

When it comes to Topgolf, though golf may be in the name, it is just one aspect of this inventive global sports entertainment community’s multi-faceted approach to curating entertaining experiences. They’re reaching beyond their over 50 locations into the streaming space, producing several online series that connect to the heart and soul of what Topgolf is all about: good food, good music, and having a good time. Brand Storytelling interviewed Topgolf Chief Creative Director Chad Nelson to learn more about Topgolf original series, the impetus behind producing those series, and what others can learn from Topgolf’s experience in the content arena: The Topgolf YouTube Channel is home to many se

Get to Know Stun Creative: Q&A with VP Renee Samms

Stun Creative has been in the quality content business for 20 years, their diverse portfolio including commercials, social video, and more. But Stun hasn’t been shy whilst expanding in the branded entertainment space either. With work involving a major list of brands and organizations, Stun’s latest brand work is sharing the message of client Beyond Meat, taking a unique approach to a food brand by focusing on athletic ambassadors and keying in on mental and physical fortitude rather than food alone. Brand Storytelling met with Renee Samms, Vice President of Digital 360 at Stun Creative to learn more about the company’s origins, their work with Beyond Meat, and the through-line that makes S