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Storytelling for Change - Wattpad’s 2018 Year in Review

Wattpad, the global multi-platform entertainment company for original stories, recently released its 2018 Year in Review, highlighting the trends and community movements that defined the year on Wattpad. In a year when people around the world are pushing for progressive social change, Wattpad’s global community of 70 million users are breaking new ground in literary representation, creating a safe space online for marginalized voices and their stories. “Wattpad is home to the most vibrant, diverse, and creative community online,” said Ashleigh Gardner, Deputy General Manager, Wattpad Studios, Publishing. “This year’s trends show how Wattpadders are engaging with real-world struggles in creat

Setting the Social Standard: Q&A with SVP Sales Dylan Conroy

As the buzz of terms like “influencer” and “creator brand campaign” wanes, having become more commonplace and understood, curiosity around their newness is replaced by an understanding that the change is a sign of the times; influencer/creator brand deals are the new normal. Still, despite its achieving normalcy, brands are discovering firsthand that it’s difficult business striking common ground between a brand’s desired messaging and a creator’s own personal brand. That’s where a company like the Social Standard shines. The Social Standard is in the business of partnering creators and brands on the basis that fit comes first; The brand and the creative must be a succinct aesthetic and crea

It’s the Most Wonderful (and Noisy) Time of the Year

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… as long as you’re not in marketing. Then it’s the most competitive. With December comes hopes for a White Christmas, or a glittery Hanukkah, and the feeling that you’re constantly competing for attention. It IS hard to compete with stories of holidays past and hopes for Santa gifts present (see what I did there?), but today’s column looks at how to leverage storytelling best practices to captivate immediately - by knowing who your audience is and what they value. You can do it in three sentences. Great storytellers start by building rapport. They don’t start by saying, “Here’s what I’m here for,” or, “Here is what’s great about me and why you’re goin