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Meet the Brand Storytellers: Scott Ballew, Head of Content at YETI

Scott Ballew wasn’t always a brand storyteller. 13 years ago, he was a running back at University of Texas with no thoughts of what would come after college. Graduation came and went, and Ballew found himself selling insurance in Austin, Texas. But that didn’t agree with Scott. “I quit selling insurance on a Monday, and had moved to LA by Friday,” says Ballew, who was simply looking to jump-start his post-graduate life. Soon enough he fell in with some friends involved in production. He discovered working as a production assistant on a set wasn’t just achievable, it was enjoyable. He began to work as a PA on larger and larger projects, discovering a passion and preference for the speed and s

Watch: Unleashing A Monster in Marketing After a concerted focus on VR, the Sundance Film Festival’s New Frontier introduced Artificial Intelligence installations for the first time at this year’s festival. Enter Frankenstein AI: A Monster Made by Many, which reimagines Mary Shelley’s seminal work as an immersive installation that recasts Frankenstein’s Monster as a naive, yet highly intelligent AI “life form”. We hosted Nick Childs (Chief Creative Officer, Society), Lance Weiler (Founding Member & Director, Columbia University Digital Storytelling Lab) and David S. Cohen (Senior Producer, Variety Content Studio) at this year’s Brand Storytelling conference to discuss the promise of AI and why telling rich, human-ce

Watch: Brand Storytelling 2018 Presenting Partners at Sundance Film Festival

Brand Storytelling 2018 attendees gathered at Stein Eriksen Lodge in Deer Valley, Utah On Thursday, January 18th, Brand Storytelling 2018 held its first day of partner presentations, featuring renowned brands all taking great strides in the brand-funded content space. Sharp, thoughtful speakers delivered critical insights into successful brand partnerships, examined the ingredients necessary for the success of new media, and called for progressive action in and out of the boardroom. The diversity of subject matter provided an array of insights to gain and lessons to learn, connected by a single fundamental ideal: that providing value for the consumer by offering information and/or entertainm