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Hollister Co. & AwesomenessTV Release New Series to Launch Partnership

"This is Summer” Premiered Saturday, May 20th on AwesomenessTV’s YouTube Channel Hollister Co., the global retail brand celebrating the spirit of endless summer, announced the launch of their exciting and innovative partnership with AwesomenessTV. Together, the retailer and entertainment company are creating a bold one-of-a kind series and an integrated campaign aimed at inspiring the Gen Z audience. The original 24 episode docuseries, This Is Summer, premiered Saturday, May 20th on AwesomenessTV’s YouTube channel. The episodes, 8-10 minutes in length, are shot and optimized for mobile viewing. Filmed in San Francisco, This is Summer follows a group of seven high school juniors and senior

Like Minds Agree: It’s Time to Elevate Brand Storytelling

A group of sixteen people, including brand marketers, agencies, media companies and two lawyers, got together in the boardroom of The Lodges at Deer Valley during Sundance Film Festival this January. The topic of discussion focused on common pain and stress points being experienced throughout the industry related to the business of brand-funded content creation and distribution. I had the opportunity to listen in on this discussion and what really impressed me was the shared passion amongst the group for growing the business, mixed with equal amounts of frustration - clear signs of a burgeoning industry in need of organization. This meeting at Sundance lasted a couple of hours, then spilled

“It’s a heckuva third day on the job”

Joe Marchese made his Upfront debut yesterday at the Fox upfront presentation, having just been named the new ad-sales leader for the massive Fox Networks Group just days before. “It’s a heckuva third day on the job,” he told the packed house of media buyers and advertisers. Imagine the pressure he might feel as he squares off against a league of video content all-stars spanning digital, cable and network broadcasters. Never has the competition been so fierce for video ad dollars and, perhaps, never has the future loomed so uncertain. And, then, along comes Joe… Marchese joined Fox Networks Group (FNG) back in December 2014 when he sold the company his digital ad business, TrueX, for r

FEATURED: Q&A with Donut’s Charlie Leahy

Donut - one of the newest branded content production houses in Los Angeles - seeks to be a destination for brands looking to engage consumers on an entertainment level unlike those that have come before it. What sets them apart? For starters, two of their founding partners are none other than Mark and Jay Duplass, the brothers behind over a decade’s worth of indie film hits and several HBO series. Add to the mix engagement director Nigel Lopez-McBean and creative director Charlie Leahy (industry vets and Cannes Lion winners) and you get a winning balance of ad and entertainment industry power. Brand Storytelling wanted to learn more about the promising new studio, so we chatted with Charlie

Mashable Announces Exclusive Tech and Premium Vertical Video at 2017 Newfronts

Mashable Unveils Exclusive Technology to Reach New Influencers and Launches Premium Vertical Video Product at 2017 NewFronts Presentation Mashable’s expanded Velocity: Kilogram technology allows advertisers to target New Influencers who are 7x more likely to share a brand’s message. Mashable Reels debuts with four series, premium video produced for vertical, chapterized viewing exclusively on its mobile site. New York, NY - May 11, 2017: Mashable, a global media and entertainment company for culture and tech superfans, today held its annual NewFront presentation on the roof of the Gansevoort Park Avenue Hotel in Manhattan. The company unveiled exclusive technology that allows brands to reach

Make Art, Not Ads

In the race to provide new media consumers branded content, how does one decide what to model that content after? With so many different burgeoning styles of content and platforms to distribute on, making a decision like this can be a daunting one. The industry response to the new media paradigm shift has been like that of the parents of Gen Y and Z children, digital immigrants working double-time to be in the know and determine with some certainty what is “hip” in order to connect with their kids on an emotional level again. Therein lies the key: emotion. The strongest connection an ad can make with a consumer is an emotional one. And while everyone looks forward for the solution to the

How to Save the Internet: Op-ed from Curiosity's Gabe Vehovsky

It’s a sobering statistic that speaks volumes about technology’s impact on the human race – U.S. adults are spending nearly 6hrs daily with digital media, a figure that is only going to increase over time. Stop for a moment to think about how many things you do in front of a small glowing screen on a daily basis. For most of us, it’s the first thing we do when we wake up and the last thing we do before we close our eyes. In many ways, digital media is allowing us to live out the promise of democratized access to information, education, entertainment, etc. – all at our fingertips and all on-demand. That all seems like good news, but as is usually the case, there’s a catch. For many, there’s a