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Astronauts Wanted: Generation Z & The Power of Transmedia

We met with former Chairperson & CEO of MTV Networks, Judy McGrath, to discuss her latest venture; Astronauts Wanted; 'No Experience Necessary'. "I began to think I was on a cruise ship, surrounded by speedboats", said McGrath when I asked her about the shift from one of the worlds largest television networks, to founding Astronauts Wanted. Their site describes the company as follows: "We use our own social media platforms and channels like one giant creative incubator: a place to experiment with everything from new talent to new formats to new platforms. This learning deeply informs our development and helps us stay ahead of the ever-shifting media landscape" Check our latest Spotlight, fea

BEN & The Expanding Landscape for Branded Integration

The value exchange between consumers and advertisers is no longer a fair trade. Audiences can find their content without having to watch a single ad if they so wish, and advertisers are re-tooling their strategies and teams to make a bigger splash in deep end of the content pool. Branded Integration has, and always will be, one of the most effective ways to get around interruptive advertising. You can showcase products and/or services, up-the-ante on brand recognition, or even show a little personality. However, there is little room for KPI’s, brand messaging, and monetization. It’s not like General Motors can put a link at the bottom of “House of Cards” and measure CTRs. But, when it comes

Why don’t advertisers own NFL teams?

The answer is simple; because the NFL won’t allow it. That would mess with their whole business model. I was amongst the 100 million+ viewers that tuned into Super Bowl LI Sunday night and it got me thinking; why don’t advertisers own sports teams? I mean, really, why not? Think about it… The Super Bowl is the one event that sports fans don’t mind the constant interruption by commercials, but what about all those other games? The commercials are a constant irritation, and guess what advertisers: Your money isn’t buying as many eyeballs as they did just last year. NFL Ratings dipped by about 8% this year, which is about the same percentage that NFL ad rates increased. Why is that? Because