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Brand Storytelling: A Docu-Series [Vol. 2]

Think of the times you may have asked someone that very question. Maybe of a son or daughter as you looked over their report card, or of an alluring stranger sitting at a bar. How many times a day do you look at someone in public and wonder, “What is their story?” Really, each of us are a unique brand. That notion is not exclusive to the Trumps, Clintons, Kardashians or Lebron James of the world. We are all brands, and the stories we tell define our values and character. Today, as interruptive advertising is increasingly annoying to consumers, brands are coming to realize how critical it is to tell stories that reflect their values, make people like them, and ultimately, trust them well en

Brand Storytelling: A Docu-Series [Vol. 1]

At the 2016 Sundance Film Festival, we hosted one-hundred and sixty people, all with a focus on creating and distributing great brand stories. Brands like Mondelez, Dr. Pepper, Hyundia, Pepsi, HBO, Dick’s Sporting Goods (have you seen the stories they are telling?), Netflix, and Marriott. Along with agency partners, filmmakers, and media companies, all people redefining the roles of media and marketing. We seized the opportunity to talk to a couple dozen of these brand storytellers, and their agents, and the result was over 13 hours of video content. Brands, agencies, influencers, filmmakers, all sharing their views on the future of branded content and advertising. It’s a whole lot of GREAT

Mondelez International Jumps on the Content Wagon

Just two weeks ago, it was Pepsi making headlines with the opening of their Creators League content studio, in New York. "Our goal is to really behave like a Hollywood studio," said Brad Jakeman, President of PepsiCo's global beverage group. “The holy grail for me is to leverage the incredible power of our brands and their equities to essentially fund their own marketing," This week, it is Mondelez International joining the ranks of advertiser-turned-media company. The lines of media demarcation are beginning to look like red-clay marked lines in the 5th set of a match at the French Open. I met Laura Henderson, Global Head of Content & Media Monetization for Mondelez, while she was a