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Storytelling: No one said it would be easy...

Anyone can tell a story, right? After-all, we are all born storytellers. From the moment children can comprehend words, we read them books, sit them in front of a screen to watch TV and films, we hand them tablets to swipe through games and videos, and soon, we'll even give them goggles to immerse themselves into a virtual setting, living directly inside the narrative. As these kids grow, they begin to tell their own tales. With all this exposure to content, you’d think we would all be great storytellers. But, as I am rediscovering, good storytelling is hard. Really hard. By good storytelling, I mean crafting a storyline and producing it in a way that your intended audience will actually c

Announcing "Brand Storytelling"

Brand Storytelling is the outcome of the January, 2016 event; Digital Storytelling at the Sundance Film Festival. Our first-ever gathering of brand marketers, ad agencies, filmmakers, creators, influencers and media partners was held in association with the iconic film festival in Park City, Utah. Presentations and discussions focused on the shift brands are making, from interruptive advertising, towards creating content that is engaging, entertaining, informative and inspiring. Adweek's James Cooper, wrote the following articles during the 2016 SDFF kickoff weekend: Sundance's First Digital Storytelling Conference Showcases the Best in Brand Videos How Data-Enhanced Storytelling Is Rapid